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Shamed VC Justin Caldbeck Threatens Asian Founder With Lawsuit For Speaking About Sexual Assault

A letter from disgraced venture capitalist Justin Caldbeck to one of his sexual assault victims, Niniane Wang, CEO and founder of Evertoon, has recently surfaced wherein Caldbeck threatened Wang with legal action should she refuse to cease and desist speaking about “a number of false statements” regarding the incident.

The letter, written by Kerr & Wagstaffe, LLP, was given to BuzzFeed by a source close to the case. Although the letter has recently surfaced this week, it dates back to July 27. It reads:

Creepy White VC Thirsty For Asian Women Leaves Firm After Sexual Assault Allegations

Justin Caldbeck, venture capitalist and co-founder of Binary Capital, has announced that he will be stepping down from his company indefinitely in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations he’s currently facing. He also has vowed to seek professional counseling for his indecent, inappropriate behavior towards women.

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