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Singaporean man accused of cat abuse apologizes for ‘playing’ with animal, says ex-girlfriend ‘defaming’ him

  • Singapore-based entrepreneur Jimmy Wong has apologized for a series of viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.
  • Wong’s ex-girlfriend, whom he later identified as Summer Lee Ying Hui, began exposing his alleged cat abuse on Sept. 28, adding that she had “left this toxic abusive relationship.”
  • Lee posted three incidents of alleged abuse toward her cat, Pidan, who reportedly suffered an injured paw, broken fangs and a bloodied eye.
  • While Wong expressed his “most sincere apologies” for his actions in the videos, he disputed Lee’s claims pertaining to Pidan’s injuries.
  • Lee responded with a “rebuttal” this week and insisted that her cat’s injuries were caused by Wong’s “intentional” acts of abuse.
  • Lee also said she has filed a police report but fears Wong’s “inside connections,” since the entrepreneur allegedly claimed to be “part of the police force.”

A Singapore-based entrepreneur has released a public apology regarding viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.

Jimmy Wong, founder of the JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science, identified himself as the man in the videos, which were published by an Instagram account handled by his ex-girlfriend for the cat, Pidan.

Asian American Actors Dominate Upcoming Film ‘Wish Dragon’

Jackie Chan and Constance Wu, amongst other Asian actors, are slated to lend their voices to Sony Pictures Animation’s “Wish Dragon.”

Creators of the Chinese co-production are also in talks with “Star Trek” actor John Cho and “Silicon Valley” actor Jimmy O. Yang for the project, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jimmy Wong, and Bobby Lee are also signed on.

Jimmy Wong Just Dragged Logan Paul Out For His BS PR Stunt Video

Just a few weeks after desecrating a suicide victim’s corpse in his tasteless, yet extremely popular YouTube channel, disgraced vlogger Logan Paul has now returned with a new video in which he appears to be transformed into some sort of an advocate for suicide prevention.

The seven-minute video is, in fact, a huge departure from his usual “annoy-other-people-for-views” shenanigans that earned him millions of subscribers.