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Man Becomes the ‘Most Self-Entitled’ Pedestrian Jaywalking in Singapore

A pedestrian in Singapore has recently gone viral for all the wrong reasons after he was captured on camera getting angry at a driver, when he was the one who committed a traffic violation.

In the clip, shared on the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, a man can be seen crossing the street while his eyes are glued to his smartphone, Stomp reported. It is clearly shown there that the light for the pedestrians to cross is still red.

Chinese City Sprays Water on Pedestrians to Stop Them From Jaywalking

Huangshi, Hubei province, China, has found a surefire way to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking by equipping busy intersections with a post that sprays out mist.

The post, which was first unveiled in Huangshi on April 18, has an infrared sensor that triggers a mist cannon whenever someone passes by to cross the street on a red light, according to Record China as translated by SoraNews24.

Chinese City Takes Desperate Measures to Stop Jaywalkers

Different local governments in Chinese cities have long been experimenting with various tactics to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking. From shaming offenders to imposing ridiculous punishments, traffic authorities have tried and failed, to keep the dangerous habit controlled.

Similar to Shenzhen city’s shaming tactic of placing offenders’ images on a huge screen, the city of Wuhan will also broadcast jaywalkers’ faces, but will incorporate an additional obstacle to discourage illegal street crossing, Shanghaiist reports.