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Hong Kong-based food critic says Japanese omakase ‘treats diners like idiots’

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  • Hong Kong-based food critic Lam Chua is under fire for describing the Japanese omakase dining experience as treating “diners like idiots.”
  • Following his comments, a Chinese newspaper columnist criticized the food critic.
  • Although the columnist recognized Lam’s expertise, he stated that Lam has little experience dining at top restaurants in Japan.
  • Lam believes that food must have value and a reasonable price.

A Singapore-born food critic in Hong Kong has been criticized for stating that Japanese omakase chefs treat “diners like idiots.”

In a post uploaded to Weibo on Aug. 22, food writer and TV personality Lam Chua, 82, expressed his disappointment in the Japanese omakase dining experience. He added that he has “an issue” with the chef choosing the dishes throughout the entire course.