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Chinese Company Crushes Apple to Become the Second Largest Smartphone Brand in the World

Huawei has become the second largest smartphone brand in the world, pushing popular brand Apple down to number three.

According to the chart created by Counterpoint Research for its monthly market sales, the Chinese tech manufacturer took the lead as the second largest mobile brand in June 2017 and July 2017 — though the increase for the latter month is only by a margin.

Hong Kong’s iPhone 7 Marketing Slogan Literally Translates to ‘This is Penis’

The  iPhone 7’s popularity in Hong Kong has taken a naughty turn when its new marketing slogan was translated in Cantonese, a language mostly spoken in Hong Kong.

The slogan, “This is 7” — roughly translates in Cantonese to “This is penis” as the character for “seven” is pronounced tsat (or “chat”), an alternative slang word for the male sex organ. Jokes about the phone being a penis for its lack of significant features have emerged in social media.