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Struggling Waiter Helps Broke College Student, Gets a Huge Surprise at Work

A Utah waiter is crediting karma for a serendipitously generous tip that followed only a few days after his earlier act of kindness.

Deric Wortham shared his story in a March 6 post on his Facebook account that has since gone viral. The post includes a photo of a receipt from a table he served at Cliffside Restaurant, the establishment he works at, that totals $100 — a $49.92 bill along with a $50.08 tip.

Here’s a Brilliant Idea to Stop People From Littering

An organization in the UK called Hubub has come up with a brilliant way to encourage people not to litter by encouraging them to vote with their butts.

Their initiative to clean up the streets involved installing voting ashtrays where smokers can vote on different sports questions each week with their cigarette butts. Smokers can find ashtrays in public spaces such as the Embankment Tube in central London where an ashtray ponders important life questions such as: “Who’s the best football player in the world, Ronaldo or Messi?” and “What would you rather watch; The Italian Grand Prix or Tennis US Open?”