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Hugh Jackman discovered to be a K-pop fan, stans Stray Kids on Instagram

  • A post on the Stray Kids Instagram account blew up on Monday after Hugh Jackman, 53, complimented Hyunjin’s artwork and called him an “amazing artist,” sending the fandom into a frenzy.
  • “An amazing artist you are,” the “Logan” actor wrote, to which Hyunjin replied, “Thank you. I’m very honored.”
  • “i still can't comprehend the fact that stray kids got hugh jackman liking/commenting on their instagram. Like it's THE HUGH JACKMAN,” one Twitter user wrote.
  • “OMG! Hugh Jackman recognizing what an amazing artist our Hyunjinnie is!!” another user exclaimed.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman sent Stray Kids fans, officially called Stays, into a frenzy after complimenting member Hyunjin’s artwork on Instagram.

A post on the Stray Kids Instagram account page blew up on Monday after Jackman, 53, called Hyunjin, 22, an “amazing artist” for his oil-on-canvas painting. Jackman’s comment has amassed over 102,000 likes and more than 1,800 comments as of this writing.

‘Wolverine’ Flies to Taipei, Tries the Iconic Stinky Tofu

Hugh Jackman braved the foul stench of Taiwan’s infamous “stinky tofu” while he and co-star Patrick Stewart toured Taipei to promote his final foray as the clawed mutant in the upcoming “Logan”.

The “Wolverine” star had gone down to a night market in the Taiwanese capital after meeting fans who recommended that he try out some local cuisine, including chicken heart skewers and chou doufu, according to Shanghaiist.