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Education Secretary Cardona: student loan relief and Inflation Reduction Act ‘really cancels itself out,’ naysayers are ‘un-American’ [interview]

Cardona Interview

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona spoke with NextShark on Thursday to discuss student loan relief, inflation and the future of higher education.

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday a historic three-part plan to cancel up to $20,000 of student loan debt for people with annual incomes under $125,000. The proposal has divided Democrats and Republicans, with lawmakers, economists and social media users voicing their opinions from across the political spectrum.

Penn Law moves to sanction Amy Wax, professor who said US ‘better off’ with fewer Asians

Amy Wax Penn Law Sanctions
  • The dean of University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Ted Ruger, announced Tuesday he would invoke a faculty review to sanction law professor Amy Wax for her recent anti-Asian immigrant comments.
  • “Her conduct has generated multiple complaints from members of our community citing the impact of pervasive and recurring vitriol and promotion of white supremacy as cumulative and increasing,” Ruger said.
  • Wax also made a comment during a podcast in 2018 in which she questioned Black students’ academic ability.

The University of Pennsylvania’s law school is looking to initiate a process to sanction tenured law professor Amy Wax for her past racist speech, including the anti-Asian and immigration comments she made in December 2021.

Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Ted Ruger announced on Tuesday that he would organize a faculty review to determine the possible actions that needed to be taken against Wax, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Wax could receive a punishment ranging from a minor sanction, such as a letter of reprimand, to a suspension or termination of employment.

Emerson College targeted by ad campaign for suspending student group behind ‘China Kinda Sus’ stickers

Emerson College
  • The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonprofit civil liberties group, has launched an ad campaign targeting Emerson College for suspending the school’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter in late 2021.
  • TPUSA caused controversy in October last year for allegedly criticizing the Chinese government by handing out stickers that read “China kinda sus.”
  • For its ad campaign, FIRE has created a mobile billboard, posters on the city’s transit system and a website called “Emerson kinda sus,” among others.

A nonprofit civil liberties group that promotes freedom of speech in schools recently released an ad campaign targeting Emerson College for suspending the conservative student group who handed out controversial “China kinda sus” stickers late last year.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s (FIRE) ad campaign was created to support Emerson College’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter, which said it sought to criticize the Chinese government and its alleged human rights abuses through its stickers, according to National Review.

Controversy erupts after ASU student confrontation over ‘Police Lives Matter’ sticker in multicultural space

Arizona State University Students Defending Multiculturalism

Two Arizona State University (ASU) students of color were found to have violated university policy after an exchange with two white students at the Tempe campus’ newly formed multicultural center went viral.

The students, Mastaani Qureshi and Sarra Tekola, who identify as Pakistani and Black respectively, responded to ASU’s investigation with a video, which gave their account of the events. 

University of Virginia students propose $3M budget for Asian resource center

University of Virginia Asian Student Union

Four University of Virginia (UVA) students wrote a letter to the university outlining their  concerns about the lack of Asian community resources and representation across administrative leadership at the school.

Students take a stand: The letter was authored by UVA junior Sanjeev Kumar, UVA senior Katie Zhang, UVA senior Lauren Xue and UVA senior Serena Wood at the beginning of September.

University of Maryland draws controversy for separating Asian students from ‘students of color’

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland drew backlash over its enrollment and admissions graphic that separated Asian students from “Students of Color” and put them in the same section as white students.

What happened: The graphic was shown during a presentation by Daryll Pines, the university’s president, for the university senate “State of the Campus” report on Nov. 10, according to Fox News.