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College Freshman Dies After 3-Minute Drinking Challenge at Bar in China

A 19-year-old college student recently died after taking the challenge of a bar in China that dares its customers to drink six cocktails in under three minutes.

The incident happened on June 19 when Wang Yaodong, a university freshman, went out with some of his friends to celebrate after taking an exam, Shanghaiist reported. The bar in Zhuhai, China was offering a promotion at the time that challenges its customers to finish six cocktails, which is 1,800 milliliters (7.6 cups) in total. If they can finish it in under three minutes, it’s free. If they fail, they will have to pay 168 yuan (around $25) for the drinks.

Freshman Allegedly Pressured into Sexualized Rituals at Top Singaporean University

Incoming freshmen at Singapore’s top and world ranking university are speaking out against bizarre, unethical practices during their student orientation. Incidents of students being forced into highly sexualized activities have been reported at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) orientation camps.

Students who join the camp said they do so to meet new friends and acquaintances, but end up pressured to perform indecent acts or are made to respond to inappropriate questions, mostly against their will.