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Possible oldest prehistoric art ever known is discovered by Chinese scientists in the ‘roof of the world’

Chinese scientists discover worlds oldest art

Dr. David Zhang and his team of scientists’ discovery of handprints and footprints are being debated over as to whether they are the world’s oldest prehistoric art.  

Fossils on the travertine rock: Dr. David Zhang, a scientist from Guangdong, China, found impressions of handprints and footprints on a travertine rock with his research team in Quesang on the Tibetan Plateau in Oct. 2018, reported Time.

‘Dinosaur Genius’, 5, Becomes the Youngest to Discover 130 Million-Year-Old Footprints


A 5-year-old boy from China made headlines after he discovered footprints left by dinosaurs around 130 million years ago near his home.

Yang Zherui, a science-loving kindergartner with a budding interest in paleontology was interested in the fossilized footprints after he heard his grandfather talking about “chicken tracks” when he returned to their home in Sichuan Province for the National Day holiday, according to China News.