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Honoring my scallions: How my Asian parents’ food waste made me an environmentalist

Growing up as a low-income, first-generation Asian American, I was motivated by my immigrant parents’ food insecurity to fight for our planet. 

I was born into an American culture of honoring consumption. I was never shy, taking extra servings of catering food home from school events. Not because I was stingy, but because my immigrant parents whispered their fears of starvation after moving to the United States to escape poverty and the Vietnam War. My Chinese Vietnamese family of six struggled to stretch our monthly food stamps, like most families in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. 

Canadian students saved customers $450k in grocery bills with their ‘peculiar’ delivery service

Peko Produce
  • Canadian university students Sang Le and Arielle Lok created Peko Produce, a produce delivery service that reduces food waste and promotes the accessibility of affordable, healthy food.
  • The Vancouver delivery service, which was launched in May 2021, saves produce from becoming part of surpluses throughout the supply chain. It also saves produce approaching the end of its shelf life from being thrown out for looking “peculiar.”
  • Peko Produce offers a mystery box for 25 Canadian dollars that contains around 10 to 12 pounds of “peculiar” and surplus produce, both conventional and organic, as well as around nine to 10 varieties of “imperfect” local and exotic fruits and vegetables for up to 40% off grocery prices.
  • In its first year of operation, Peko Produce generated over six figures in sales, divested over 150,000 pounds of produce and saved customers approximately $450,000 in grocery bills.

A “peculiar” produce delivery service launched by two university students in 2021 is tackling food waste in Vancouver.

Food waste is a complex problem. It significantly accelerates the climate crisis, contributing to approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions every year.