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Vietnam’s ‘Bikini’ Airline Forced to Apologize After Sexy In-Flight Performance

vietnamese bikini airline treats soccer team with sexy show after win

A budget airline company from Vietnam recently received flack for welcoming the local national soccer team with a risqué in-flight performance by their bikini-clad flight attendants.

Vietjet, the airline which gained international attention for featuring a flight staff wearing two-piece bikinis, apologized after receiving backlash online, Reuters reports.

Sichuan Aviation College Presents Sexy ‘Victoria’s Secret Christmas Show’ on Christmas Eve

Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation in Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan Province, put on a “Victoria’s Secret Christmas Show” on Christmas Eve with a group of its gorgeous students parading their dresses, wings, and shirtless bodies.

Female students paraded and danced while donning their Christmas-themed outfits as the artificial snow fell from above, according to Shanghaiist.

Chinese Airline’s New High Fashion Uniforms Are Fire — But There’s One Problem…

China-based Hainan Airlines is taking cabin crew fashion to the next level after it debuted its new uniforms last Tuesday at Paris Couture Week.

One thing we do have to point out is that the fashion ad campaign is lacking in models of color. If Kenzo managed to fly in 83 models of Asian descent during the unveiling of their 2018 spring collection in Paris, then so can Hainan Airlines.

Over 1,000 Chinese High School Grads Have to Wear Bikinis to Become Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant in China can be a pretty big deal, but aside from the military grade skillset, young ladies hoping to work with airlines must also have their bodies and beauty judged in what is known to be an extremely competitive field of work.

Chinese modeling agency Oriental Beauty, along with recruiters from the aviation and modeling industries, hosted a competition to recruit the most beautiful flight attendants in Qingdao, China this past weekend.

Flight Attendants Go Through Military Training to Control Crazy Chinese Passengers

If for any reason you get into a fight in China, you’ll probably want a Chinese flight attendant on your side because, odds are, they know some pretty sweet fighting moves.

Some Chinese flight attendants actually go to an airline college that trains them not only in airline service and etiquette, but also survival and hand-to-hand combat skills so that they’ll be able to subdue unruly passengers, because, if we know anything, Chinese people on planes can be the craziest kinds of passengers.