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‘Transracial’ influencer Oli London says they plan to undergo penis reduction procedure to be ‘100 percent Korean’

Oli London
  • “Transracial” internet personality Oli London said they plan to undergo a penis reduction procedure to be “100 percent Korean.”
  • According to London, they are willing to go under the knife to get “the Korean average,” which they approximate to be 3.5 inches.
  • London said that they could have the procedure done in Thailand, where it will cost them “between $6,000 and $8,000.”

Oli London, the non-binary “transracial” influencer who has had around 20 plastic surgery procedures to look like BTS member Jimin, said they want to reduce their penis size to become “100% Korean.”

The 32-year-old social media personality revealed their plans for a penis reduction procedure during a recent interview with Newsweek.