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Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim can now add ‘fashion designer’ to her resume

Chloe kim collection
  • Two-time Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim has designed a full collection of snowboard apparel and accessories for sportswear brand Roxy.
  • The Chloe Kim Signature collection, which was launched globally on the brand’s website on Nov. 9, features colorful pullover jackets, full-zip jackets, insulated snow pants and technical snow pants, among others.
  • Kim told Forbes that designing clothes was “something I always wanted to do and it was such a dream of mine and for it to finally happen when I was 19, I was just so excited.”
  • In an interview with Bazaar, she revealed that the inspiration to incorporate “pastel and fun colors” in her first collection came after fashion designer Cynthia Rowley advised her to make things that she would want.

Olympic snowboarding star Chloe Kim is now officially a fashion designer. 

On Nov. 9, global sportswear and apparel brand Roxy launched the Chloe Kim Signature collection, the very first snowboarding line designed by the two-time Olympic gold medalist.