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American Passenger Who Demanded Taiwanese Flight Attendants Wipe His Butt Dies in Thailand

The obese American passenger who infamously left Taiwanese flight attendants traumatized after asking them to wipe his butt for him has reportedly passed away in Thailand last month.

In a press conference back in January, head stewardess of the Taiwanese airline Eva Air revealed that the said passenger made numerous unreasonable requests from the flight’s all-female cabin crew. 

American Who Made Flight Attendants Wipe His Butt Continues to Book Flights With EVA Air

The obese American man who harassed and traumatized EVA Air flight attendants by ordering them to wipe him after defecating has, despite being banned, successfully booked more flights with the same airline.

According to Shanghaiist via Taiwan News, the unnamed man booked a two part flight with EVA Air for May 17, which would take him from Bangkok to Taipei and finally to Los Angeles. The man has reportedly booked over 20 flights with EVA in the past; in fact, this past incident was the second such incident recorded wherein the man bizarrely harassed flight attendants to wipe his butt after using the bathroom.