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Chinese dad goes viral for wearing a skirt to teach his daughters how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions

  • A Chinese father has gone viral for wearing a skirt and teaching his daughters how to avoid a wardrobe malfunction in a Douyin video posted on May 30.
  • The father explains how to fold the skirt while squatting down to pick something up as his two daughters giggle while following his instructions.
  • In a follow-up video, the father says he wanted to teach his daughters dress-wearing etiquette after seeing a woman at work who was suffering from a wardrobe malfunction while wearing a skirt.
  • The video has amassed over 550,000 likes and 3,920 comments since uploading.

A Chinese father wearing a skirt while teaching his two daughters how to prevent their skirts from lifting when squatting has gone viral. 

In a video posted to Douyin on May 30, the father, from Linyi in China’s Shandong province, is seen shirtless while wearing a long, pleated black skirt. He then instructs his two young daughters to fold the skirt inwards from both the left and right side while using one hand to protect “your buttocks” before squatting when picking something up. 

The Mystery of the ‘Two Finger Tap’ at the Dim Sum Table

I remember the very first time I went to eat Dim Sum. I was in my second year of college and visiting my LDR boyfriend at the time, a snarky Taiwanese guy who had moved to California as a teenager. I had so far enjoyed going to his favorite restaurants, as they had always proved to be crazy delicious.

This time around, I had no idea what kind of learning experience I was in for; I just knew that as those doors opened and the glorious smells wafted from the kitchen into the waiting area, I was going to be in for a treat.

Chinese Tourist Puts Bare Feet on Fellow Passenger’s Armrest, Zero F*cks Given

A Chinese woman claims she had to suffer through a 4-hour flight with another passenger’s bare feet propped up on her armrest.

Ms. Wu said a Chinese woman seated behind her on a Nov. 29 AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Xi’an put her feet up on her chair after boarding and was not told to cease by the plane’s staff even after she complained, reports the People’s Daily Online.