Chinese Tourist Puts Bare Feet on Fellow Passenger’s Armrest, Zero F*cks Given

Chinese Tourist Puts Bare Feet on Fellow Passenger’s Armrest, Zero F*cks Given
Editorial Staff
December 10, 2015
A Chinese woman claims she had to suffer through a 4-hour flight with another passenger’s bare feet propped up on her armrest.
Ms. Wu said a Chinese woman seated behind her on a Nov. 29 AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Xi’an put her feet up on her chair after boarding and was not told to cease by the plane’s staff even after she complained, reports the People’s Daily Online.
“I got up at 4 a.m. to catch the flight. I had intended to sleep on the plane, but I couldn’t because of her feet,” Ms. Wu told Beijing Youth Daily. “They draped over my arm I couldn’t eat or drink and became constrained throughout the voyage.”
When Ms. Wu complained about her co-passenger to a flight attendant, who she believed to be Thai, the attendant told her that nothing could be done.
“She said sorry to me, but said she could not help persuade, because ‘they are all Chinese,’” Ms. Wu said.
For nearly the entire 4-hour 25-minute flight — minus a short bathroom break in between — the woman relaxed her feet on Ms. Wu’s chair and, according to Ms. Wu, “was chatting very loudly.”
After returning home from her flight, Ms. Wu posted her experience along with pictures she took while on the flight to Chinese social media.
“Although it is a low-cost airline, the service should not be cheap. I have a question, is it only a threat to flight safety that will change the behaviors of these flight attendants?” she wrote.
Some Chinese tourists have caused a spate of headlines over the past year for their allegedly poor etiquette abroad. Earlier this week, a Chinese man was arrested on a New York-bound flight after he allegedly caused a scene because he was denied a business class seat upgrade.
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