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Growing Rice May Release as Much Greenhouse Gases as 1,200 Coal Power Plants

Whether one grew up in an Asian household or chose to hop on the growing trend of vegetarianism or veganism, having rice as a staple part of one’s diet, unfortunately, hurts the environment.

According to nonprofit group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), global rice cultivation poses the same catastrophic effect on climate change as 1,200 average-sized coal power plants, at least in the short term, Bloomberg reported.

China’s First Pro Surfer Calls to Save the Ocean From ‘Waves of Trash’

darci liu

Darci Liu, regarded as “China’s first pro surfer,” is now an environmental activist rallying to save the country’s coastlands. 

Liu, who was raised about 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest ocean, earned recognition as China’s first professional surfer in 2014, when media outlets reported her participation in various surfing competitions a few years earlier.

Indonesian Company Admits to Causing Oil Spill the Size of Paris in Borneo

A March 31 oil spill in Borneo that stemmed from a pipeline run by state-owned company Pertamina is now the size of the city of Paris.

Pertamina tried to be slick by denying responsibility for the disaster. But a report released on April 4 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry forced the East Kalimantan Province-based firm to admit that one of its crude oil pipes caused the spill to spread 130 square kilometers (50 square miles) from Balikpapan Bay to the Strait of Makassar.