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Asian Female Founders Are Banding Together to Fight Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

A group of female Asian entrepreneurs, who have had enough of the growing sexual harassment scandals in Silicon Valley, have taken it upon themselves to do something to help address the problem.

Meltwater’s Tammy Cho and Grace Choi recently teamed up with their friend Annie Shin, a software engineer to create, a helpful guide for those who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse at work.

10 Things Everyone Hates About Rich Kid Entrepreneurs, But Won’t Admit

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“As a matter of principle, I don’t invest in rich kids’ businesses.” -Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank

When it comes to millennial entrepreneurs, there are really only two kinds: the rich kids and the poor kids. It’s seen as the difference between “wantrepreneurs” and real entrepreneurs — the delusional and the disruptive. No, not every entrepreneur born with money is a bad egg, but it’s always been easier to hate on those who have more advantages than others. How much truth is behind the stereotypes?

15 Ways To Know You Will Be A Successful Entrepreneur One Day

Every entrepreneur is after only one thing- success. Whether it’s business success, success in changing the world, or financial success, it is the end all for any startup. But how do you know you will be successful? The majority of entrepreneurs out there fail, again and again, before they either quit or finally reach their goals.

You can always tell when others will probably be successful mainly by their personality, but when it comes to yourself, it helps to have a checklist of sorts. Here are fifteen qualities that all entrepreneurs who will be successful must have; if you find some of these traits in yourself, chances are you are going to be pretty successful someday.