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Baby Elephant ‘Dumbo’ The Internet Tried to Save Dies From Broken Leg in Thailand

The real-life Dumbo, who was made to perform in front of foreigners and visitors at a Phuket Zoo in Thailand, has passed away due to broken legs and a digestive tract infection.

Last month, a petition was organized to bring the real-life Dumbo to an elephant sanctuary to give him a better life. Unfortunately, the animal was recently reported to have succumbed to his injuries and has passed away.

People are Working to Save This Real-Life ‘Dumbo’ at a Zoo in Phuket, Thailand

Animal rights activists are now going full-speed in raising their voices to save what is now being dubbed as the real-life “Dumbo” from the Phuket Zoo, Thailand.

Dumbo is a baby elephant that is being forced to perform for tourists at the Phuket Zoo where it is made to dance to loud music, play musical instruments, and perform tricks, according to the petition posted by the concerned activists at Moving Animals.