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Chinese girl, 11, inspires millions by continuing to play the piano after a fire burned most of her body

  • He Yuxin, 11, fell victim to a fire accident in her home in Sanmexia, Henan Province, on Aug. 13 last year.
  • He suffered 68% burns to her body, which continues to hamper her ability to move.
  • He's grandmother was also involved in the accident, suffering 71% burns.
  • Despite her difficulties, He has resumed practicing the piano on a daily basis, according to her mother.
  • A Weibo fundraiser has been organized for He and her grandmother’s medical expenses.

An 11-year-old girl in central China has gone viral on Weibo for continuing to pursue her passion for playing piano in the face of debilitating burns.

He Yuxin, who lives with her family in Sanmenxia, Henan Province, had a life like any other child until an accident set her family’s home in flames on Aug. 13 last year.

Awkwafina Reveals Incredible Story of Going From a $9/Hour Job to Starring in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The road to “Crazy Rich Asians” was not always smooth for Nora Lum — especially when one learns of her struggles to become the Awkwafina we know today.

In an inspiring tweet on Sunday, the 29-year-old star recalled how she went from making $9 an hour at a vegan bodega to becoming part of the highly-anticipated Asian American picture since “The Joy Luck Club.”