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58-year-old Filipino domestic worker becomes entrepreneur after employer pays for her business classes

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  • Filipino domestic worker Jocelyn Mompal, 58, revealed that her employer of 22 years, surnamed Wang, paid for her business classes and inspired her to become an entrepreneur.
  • Wang, 75, convinced Mompal to sign up for entrepreneurship, time and money management courses in 2008.
  • Mompal started working as a household help for Wang in 2000 and has since come to be considered part of the family.
  • Mompal still has two years left until her eligibility to work as a domestic worker comes to an end, as the maximum age for domestic workers that Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower allows is 60 years old.
  • According to Wang, her maid is now equipped to have a sustainable source of income when she reaches her 70s.
  • Mompal owns and manages a travel agency and shoe store in Iloilo City, Philippines.

A Filipino domestic worker in Singapore has become a successful entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses after her employer of 22 years paid for her business classes. 

Jocelyn Mompal, 58, recently shared with Shin Min Daily News that her long-time employer, surnamed Wang, was instrumental in her drive to improve herself.

‘Do not lock your room’: Video of employer’s ‘rules and regulations’ list for domestic worker stirs outrage

  • One employer’s comprehensive list of house rules for their domestic worker has received backlash online for what some netizens described to be “slave” conditions.
  • In the video shared on Thursday, a person filming a list on a white board proudly claims it “Took me 45 mins to write all these rules & regulations and the helper to-do lists.”
  • While some of the rules appeared reasonable, such as not opening doors to strangers and keeping the house clean, netizens found others to be unreasonable.
  • Other regulations listed included only being able to use a phone for one hour at night after all the kids are asleep and not being able to leave the house without permission.
  • Some netizens responded by saying that helpers were humans not slaves, while others argued back that helpers are employees hired to work.

One employer’s comprehensive list of house rules for their domestic worker has received backlash online for what some netizens described to be “slave” conditions after it was posted on social media.

In the Instagram video shared by the Singaporean account Sgfollowsall on Thursday, a person filming a handwritten list on a white board proudly claims it “Took me 45 mins to write all these rules & regulations and the helper to-do lists.”

Singaporean bride surprised by wedding visit of Filipina nanny has viewers reminiscing about their yayas

  • Singaporean bride Kelly Chua got a surprise reunion with her Filipina nanny on her wedding day.
  • Kelly began crying upon seeing Lita, whom her brother had flown to Singapore so she could attend the wedding.
  • Lita worked as a “domestic helper” for Chua’s family for 27 years and returned to the Philippines in 2019.
  • "She's like a second mother to me,” Kelly shared. “She's 72 this year, and I really don't know when's the next time I'll be able to see her again. It really means so much to me that she's able to attend my wedding."

A Singaporean bride was left in tears after getting a surprise reunion with her Filipina nanny during her wedding ceremony in Queenstown, Singapore.

Kelly Chua, who got married on Saturday, took to TikTok to share the touching moment she saw her “yaya” (or “nanny”) Lita on her wedding day.

Maid Tortured and Brutally Murdered By Employers Sparks Massive Outrage in Pakistan

uzma pakistan

A 16-year-old Pakistani domestic worker identified as Uzma Bibi, was tortured and murdered by her employers before being dumped into a drain in Neelam Block, Iqbal Town, Lahore. 

Photos of the victim’s mangled body circulated on social media, sparking national outrage. Online users started the hashtag #JusticeForUzma, and are calling to the government for justice, according to Gulf News.

Viral Photo of Malaysian Family Eating While Maid Watches is Not What It Looks Like, Daughter Says

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A viral tweet that was posted and quickly deleted showed a picture of a family eating at a restaurant as their domestic worker sat and watched, outraging many who saw it.

In the picture, a family of three can be seen eating their meal at an undisclosed restaurant while their domestic helper watches them. The caption for the post reads: “I absolutely HATE people who do this. You bring your helper out to a restaurant and you don’t give her food.”

Lebanese-Syrian Couple to Be Hanged Over Murder of Filipina Maid Found in Freezer

A court in Kuwait sentenced on Sunday a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife in absentia to death by hanging over the murder of a Filipina maid, triggering a diplomatic crisis between the Middle Eastern country and the Philippines.

After the discovery of 29-year-old Joanna Demafelis’ body was found in a freezer in February, President Rodrigo Duterte promised to “sell his soul to the devil” to bring home workers being abused in Kuwait, CNN reported.

Abused Filipina Helper Working in Iraq Rescued After Cry For Help on Facebook Live

A Filipina domestic helper was recently rescued from an abusive household in Iraq after making a frantic plea for help using Facebook’s live video streaming.

Alice Aguilan aired her grievances on Dec. 22 after being beaten by her employer’s relative who also works as a helper in the house in Baghdad. In her live-stream, Aguilan said she was punched and choked by the man, identified as Hammode Alsamawi, for not finishing the tasks he ordered her to do.

Chinese Netizens Upset They Will Have to Pay Filipino Maids ‘Decent Wages’

Chinese netizens are apparently not too happy over the news that China will be welcoming Filipino household service workers (HSWs) to work in their country.

In a statement released by the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on Sunday, Filipino HSWs will soon be able to find decent-paying jobs initially in five major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen.