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This traditional Japanese architecture-inspired doghouse is breathtaking — it also costs $150,000

  • A doghouse inspired by traditional Japanese architecture is selling for $150,000.
  • Known as “Inudono,” the doghouse is made of Japanese hinoki wood and keyaki cypress wood along with a granite base and copper plate roofing.
  • The doghouse is handmade by carpenters and metal craftsmen who specialize in shrine and temple architecture.
  • Potential customers will be required to contact Bunkaizai Kozo Keikaku on their website where the first buyer will be chosen through a lottery system.

A luxurious doghouse inspired by the architecture of traditional Japanese shrines and temples is being sold for a whopping $150,000.

Bunkaizai Kozo Keikaku, a company located in Osaka, Japan, specializes in preserving and refurbishing historical and classical architecture such as temples and shrines. They are now releasing a unique doghouse called “Inudono,” which is a combination of the Japanese words “inu,” meaning dog, and “dono,” meaning feudal lord.