This traditional Japanese architecture-inspired doghouse is breathtaking — it also costs $150,000

This traditional Japanese architecture-inspired doghouse is breathtaking — it also costs $150,000
Rebecca Moon
June 13, 2022
A luxurious doghouse inspired by the architecture of traditional Japanese shrines and temples is being sold for a whopping $150,000.
Bunkaizai Kozo Keikaku, a company located in Osaka, Japan, specializes in preserving and refurbishing historical and classical architecture such as temples and shrines. They are now releasing a unique doghouse called “Inudono,” which is a combination of the Japanese words “inu,” meaning dog, and “dono,” meaning feudal lord.
The Inudono doghouse is handmade by carpenters and metal craftsmen employing the same techniques they use when working on shrines and temples to build the doghouse. The materials used in building the doghouse include Japanese hinoki and keyaki cypress wood, granite for the base and copper plates for the roof. 
“This dog hall is produced by an active palace carpenter, an experienced sheet metal craftsman, and an engraver under the supervision of a repair engineer who has worked on many cultural property repairs. The design is based on the style of Zen Buddhism, which was an architectural style that was introduced along with Zen Buddhism during the Kamakura period,” Bunkaizai Kozo Keikaku wrote on their website. 
The exterior dimensions are listed as 119.1 cm (approximately 47 inches) tall and 122.5 cm (48 inches) wide while the interior opening is 41 cm (16 inches) tall and 39.4 cm (15 inches) wide.
Due to the meticulous craftsmanship of the doghouse, Bunkaizai Jozo Keikaku estimated that each order will take between six to 12 months to complete, and that only one can be built each year. 
“The dog hall is carefully manufactured one by one by a shrine carpenter and a copper plate craftsman. While they are engaged in new construction and repair work for temples and shrines, they also build dog halls, so they can only build one building per year,” the website states.
The website lists the doghouse’s price as $150,000. Reservations for the product will begin on Sept. 1. To place an order, buyers will be required to contact the company through the website and the first buyer will be chosen through a lottery system. 
The company will also be holding a free photo session for pets on July 3.
Feature Image via INUDONO
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