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Pet Owner Becomes ‘John Wick’ After Hunter Kills His Dog with a Poison Dart in China

A 40-year-old dog owner from Yangzhou city in Jiangsu province, China, was recently detained by authorities after killing a hunter who shot, killed and stole his dog. Authorities are still investigating the case.

The incident started when the dog owner, identified by his surname Fan, heard his pet whining in distress outside, Shanghaiist via Medium reported. He soon discovered that a hunter, 42-year-old man surnamed Luo, had already shot his dog with a poisoned dart and was preparing to take off with the carcass.

Restaurant Owner Who Killed Dogs for Hot Pot Caught By Vigilante After High-Speed Chase in China

A restaurant owner from Yichang in Hubei Province, China who hunts dogs using a crossbow turned himself in after an outraged vigilante relentlessly chased him down.

The suspect, who was only identified by his surname Du, surrendered himself to the authorities on Wednesday when the car he was driving was hit from behind by the vigilante who caught him red-handed.