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Divers in Indonesia Spark Outrage After Caught on Camera Riding an Endangered Whale Shark

Indonesian authorities are looking into a viral video that shows divers riding a whale shark, a species that is considered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as endangered.

The 22-second clip, which was first posted on Twitter by rock band Slank frontman Akhadi “Kaka” Wira Satriaji, shows the divers touching and riding the endangered species as they swim together with the massive yet gentle animal, according to AsiaOne.

Former Gangster is Now the Badass CEO of a $3 Million Diving Business in Singapore

At 13, Jacki Ng was part of a local gang in Singapore, leading him through a life of petty crime and fighting, which later led to his expulsion from secondary school.

“I was always a child who was a bit different. I was neither conventional, nor rule-abiding,” Ng, who now heads a million dollar diving empire in Singapore, told the Vulcan Post. “I grew up in a dysfunctional family where illegal activities were by no means foreign to my family members.”