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Cucumber kimchi with everything bagel seasoning: TikTokers allege appropriation of Korean food

cucumber kimchi
  • Oi kimchi (오이 김치) or cucumber kimchi is the latest Korean food trend taking over TikTok, but some Korean American influencers are calling out the way it’s being allegedly appropriated online.
  • “Cultural appropriation in food is admittedly a tricky issue, and some people think it doesn’t even exist,” said chef Joanne Molinaro, also known as the Korean Vegan.
  • TikToker Soogia was among the first to publicly take issue with food and fitness influencer Ainsley Rodriguez after she shared a recipe for cucumber kimchi back in January and swapped gochugaru for chili pepper without mentioning the dish’s Korean origins.

From Korean corndogs and pickled garlic kimchi to dalgona candy popularized by Netflix’s “Squid Game,” a number of Korean-inspired food trends have taken over TikTok this past year. 

The latest trend, oi kimchi (오이 김치) or cucumber kimchi, consists of similar ingredients found in traditional kimchi, such as Korea’s famous gochugaru, but swaps out cabbage for sliced cucumbers.