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Cricket chairman in hot water for citing Black, Asian stereotypes to explain sport’s lack of diversity

Middlesex Mike O'Farrell
  • Mike O’Farrell, the appointed chairman of the Middlesex County Cricket Club since 2017, apologized for his comment about Black and South Asian cricket players at a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee investigation on Tuesday.
  • He responded to a question about the club’s lack of diversity by claiming the Afro-Caribbean community was more attracted to football and rugby than cricket, and the South Asian community would rather study than commit the “same time that is necessary to go to the next step” in the sport.
  • Lord Kamlesh Patel of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Gareth Williams of Glamorgan and Hampshire CCC’s Rod Bransgrove were also present at Tuesday’s inquiry.

Mike O’Farrell, chairman of the Middlesex County Cricket Club, has recently apologized for his “outdated” comments stereotyping Black and South Asian players during an inquiry into the club’s alleged racism early this week.

O’Farrell was asked about the Middlesex CCC’s record on diversity and inclusion during the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee inquiry on Tuesday, according to The Cricketer. He went on to explain how it was difficult for the club to retain its 57% “culturally diverse” youth players under the age of 17 after a certain point.