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Woman Demonstrates Her White Privilege After Black Man Caused Campus Lockdown Over a Glue Gun

A Colgate University student recently demonstrated her white privilege via a social media post following the recent campus lockdown in her campus.

Earlier this month, the school gained massive backlash after it placed its campus on lockdown over a black man carrying a glue gun. It was later revealed that the school reacted under false alarm. Students protested against how racial profiling played a part in the whole event, a fact that was later admitted by the campus administrators themselves.

Black Student Carrying a Glue Gun for an Art Project Puts Entire University on Lockdown

A man carrying a glue gun for an art project caused a massive commotion at a university in New York after he was mistaken as a threat, prompting the campus to be put on lockdown.

Students in Colgate University were ordered to “shelter in place” while local authorities looked into the reported gunman on Monday night. The lockdown lasted for four hours, ending in the discovery that the supposed “threat” was an African-American student with a glue gun.