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Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan Possibly Tease ‘Rush Hour 4’ in B-Day Post on Instagram

It has been confirmed many times before – in 2017 and earlier last year – that “Rush Hour 4,” the purported final installment of the legendary buddy cop film franchise, is happening.  

However, at the time those announcements were made, the two lead actors of the series, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, weren’t in close proximity to each other. But that all changed yesterday when Chan and Tucker shared a picture together to celebrate the former on his 65th birthday.

Chris Tucker Just Confirmed ‘Rush Hour 4’ is Happening!

Jackie Chan, who plays one half of the iconic duo in the “Rush Hour” film series, seemingly confirmed last year that “Rush Hour 4” was happening, but on one condition: if Chris Tucker, who plays LAPD Detective James Carter, is up for it.

Now, it seems like another “Rush Hour” movie will become a reality as Tucker reiterated his co-star’s words at a recent appearance on ESPN’s The Plug podcast.