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After divorce, Chinese man sues ex-stepson for $5,200 as compensation for raising him

  • A man in China is suing his ex-stepson for 35,200 yuan (approximately $5,285) after his stepfather paid for his tuition and living expenses during college.
  • The man filed a lawsuit in March and said the money was used towards his former stepson’s four-year university tuition as well as clothes and food.
  • The man married the boy’s mother in 2009 before they divorced in 2021.
  • The stepfather pursued legal action against his stepson after the divorce.
  • A local court in Chongqing denied the lawsuit and ruled the money was used voluntarily.

A man in China wants his former stepson to pay 35,200 yuan (approximately $5,285) for raising him after separating from his ex-wife last year.

The man, surnamed Tang, from Sichuan Province, filed a lawsuit against his ex-stepson, surnamed Liu, in March to recuperate money he spent supporting him during four years of college. Tang said the money includes university tuition as well as food and clothes.

Woman Sues Delivery Man for Pregnancy After Delivering Condoms 10 Minutes Late


A woman from Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China is suing a delivery man for delivering her condoms late, which resulted in her getting pregnant. 

The woman, only identified as Su, reportedly had her boyfriend stay over at her home last month. In the heat of the moment, the couple attempted to have sex, but Su realized she did not have condoms at the time, according to China Press via World of Buzz.