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Chinese man presents wife steel plaque for giving birth to their daughter but gets birth date wrong

husband gifts plaque for daughter's birth
  • To celebrate the birth of their daughter, a husband in China gifted his wife with a humorous stainless steel plaque.
  • The plaque was made ahead of time and lists their daughter’s birth as August 2022 although she was born on July 31.
  • The couple have a romantic tradition of gifting plaques on special dates and anniversaries.

A husband in China has gone viral for commemorating his daughter’s birth with a large stainless steel plaque, continuing a romantic tradition between the couple.

The plaque was gifted by the husband, surnamed Li, to his wife after she gave birth to their daughter. It reads, “Congratulations on having a baby girl! Giving birth to a child is awesome, Zhang Yingxiao! August 2022.”