Man Accidentally Bites Girlfriends Lip During Bus Ride in China, Demands Compensation

Man Accidentally Bites Girlfriends Lip During Bus Ride in China, Demands Compensation
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
August 23, 2017
A Chinese college couple recently tried to seek compensation from a bus driver after the boyfriend accidentally injured his girlfriend’s lips while making out.
The couple was caught kissing intensely while riding a bus in Shijiazhuang, China according to the China Press.
Kissing is not something to be grossed out about or considered disturbing, but if the woman is practically sitting on the guy’s lap and showing public displays of affection (PDA), then this could be a problem.
Witnesses who were riding the public transportation at the time reported that there was a bit too much PDA during their commute, and many people were displeased by it.
As translated by World of Buzz, the unidentified couple paid no attention to the other bus riders.
When they arrived at their destination, the two passengers approached the driver and expressed their complaints after it appeared that the man accidentally inured his girlfriend’s mouth during their lip-lock.
“Sir, do you know that your erratic driving has caused me to bite my girlfriend’s lips until they bleed on the bus? How can you drive like this? Now tell me, what can I do?” the boyfriend told the driver.
In a bizarre twist, the girl, who was standing beside her boyfriend, held the driver responsible for what happened to her.
“If it wasn’t because of your driving skills where you swerved all over the road, my boyfriend wouldn’t have bitten my lips. It is your fault and you should be responsible for this,” she said, reportedly holding a tissue to her lip.
The driver, however, refused the couple’s demand for compensation as they were obviously the ones at fault.
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