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‘Hermes of ice cream’ that does not melt even when held under a blowtorch astonishes Weibo

  • A Chinese brand of ice cream has been criticized after it was discovered that some of their ice cream does not melt, even when held under a blowtorch.
  • Once considered the “Hermes of ice cream,” Chicecream’s ice creams were seen in a video remaining solid while held under a blowtorch for one hour.
  • Many online users questioned the ingredients of the ice creams with many guessing that the ice creams are filled with additives.
  • Chicecream’s most expensive ice cream costs 66 yuan (approximately $10).
  • The company stated on Wednesday that all of their ice cream products follow national food safety regulations.

A video of a Chinese ice cream refusing to melt under a blow torch has gone viral as many internet users questioned the ice cream’s ingredients.

Zhong Xue Gao, or Chicecream, is a Chinese brand of ice cream once referred to as the “Hermes of ice cream.” The brand’s most expensive ice cream product costs 66 yuan (approximately $10).