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Influencer apologizes after video capturing middle finger from ‘very famous’ K-pop idol prompts speculation

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  • Motorcycle influencer Jang Shi-nae, or C_nematic, shared a video showing the moment an unidentified K-pop star gave her the finger after "intentionally driving in a threatening manner."
  • Rumors spread that the idol in question was Exo’s Chanyeol, who is currently serving out his mandatory military service in South Korea.
  • On Wednesday, as rumors of Chanyeol’s involvement began to spread, his management agency SM Entertainment released a statement denying such allegations.
  • The influencer posted a statement on Thursday denying the rumors and apologizing to “the person who suffered damage through speculative comments” without mentioning Chanyeol by name.

Chanyeol, a member of K-pop group Exo, has been speculated by Korean netizens to be the unidentified K-pop star caught in a video flipping off a motorcycle influencer. Both the influencer and Chanyeol’s management agency have denied the rumors.

The influencer, Jang Shi-nae or C_nematic, was a guest on Channel S’s variety show “Real Granny” when she shared the story of the time a K-pop star allegedly threatened her on the streets.