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TikTok video from Blogilates’ Cassey Ho depicting ‘perfect’ body types of different eras goes viral

body type tiktok video
  • A TikTok user uploaded a video on Tuesday showing viewers what “the perfect body” looked like throughout history using her own edited body as examples.
  • In addition to the edited visual representation, she includes descriptions of what was purportedly considered an ideal body type for women in various time periods.
  • She then questions current trends and states that treating body types as a “fast fashion trend is so out of style.”

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho had her own body edited to match the beauty standards for women throughout history in a video that has gone viral since being uploaded on Tuesday.

Using a series of edited visual representations of herself, the CEO and head designer of the fitness brand Popflex and Blogilates covers the purportedly ideal body types of different time periods, including the 2020s, 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1950s and from 1400 through the 1700s.