‘I was played’: Blogilates’ Cassey Ho accuses Shein of stealing her design again after talk

‘I was played’: Blogilates’ Cassey Ho accuses Shein of stealing her design again after talk‘I was played’: Blogilates’ Cassey Ho accuses Shein of stealing her design again after talk
Cassey Ho (@blogilates)
Just months after forgiving Shein for allegedly stealing her skirt design, Blogilates founder Cassey Ho says the fast fashion giant has done it again.
The second time around: Ho took to Instagram on Sunday to accuse Shein of ripping off her Pirouette Skort, part of her Poplex brand, for the second time. She first accused the Chinese retailer of stealing its black version in January.
This time, the skirt in question is in the color “blue mist.” While Ho’s product sells for $60, Shein’s “Quite Knot Waist Ruffle Hem Skirt” is being sold for about 80% less at $12.49.
What Shein allegedly told Ho: In her post, Ho revealed alleged details of a conversation she had with George Chiao, president of Shein’s U.S. operations, after her first allegation sparked outrage against the company. She said she did not publicly share details about their talk initially “because of the way he [Chiao] made me feel like he was the victim.”
Ho said Chiao had denied stealing because Shein is a marketplace “just like Amazon” in that the seller is responsible. The president also allegedly stressed that “what we’re doing isn’t illegal.”
When Ho asked Chiao what she can do to prevent Shein sellers from stealing her work, she said Chiao told her to submit her design to Shein before it even goes live on her own website. Afterward, that design will enter what Chiao reportedly identified as a “do not copy” portal.
“In just re-reading what I wrote above, I sound so dumb for feeling bad for him. I was played,” wrote Ho, who also claimed that Chiao had asked her “multiple times” for a collaboration.
Reactions: Many fans have expressed their support for Ho once again. Some accused Chiao — who also allegedly told Ho that his daughter is a Blogilates “fan” — of manipulating and gaslighting her.
“Ugh boycott forever @sheinofficial @shein_us. DISGUSTING behavior and morals,” one Instagram user wrote.
“This is a violation. But you need a lawyer,” another suggested. “Otherwise it won’t be resolved. It’s really hard out there.”
“You are not stupidly sensitive and do not feel dumb. He manipulated and gaslit you taking advantage of you,” another commented. “I’m so sorry they *think* their actions and the irrational justifications are acceptable. They are not and we will continue to make sure Shein knows how unethical and disgusting they are and George’s empty fodder for masking, infringing and copying your original gorgeous designs.”
The bigger picture: While Shein has only gained popularity in the U.S. relatively recently, the company has been embroiled in controversy for years. This includes issues such as swastika-featuring necklaces, alleged poor working conditions and a $100 million copyright infringement lawsuit.
As of press time, Shein has not made a public response to Ho’s recent allegations.
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