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China begins crackdown on kids’ shows with ban on popular Japanese series ‘Ultraman Tiga’

children shows and cartoons get the crackdown

The Chinese government’s crackdown on entertainment continues with its most recent announcement of an upcoming ban on certain cartoons and other made-for-children programs. 

End to animation?: On Friday, China’s National Radio and Television Administration released a statement on its website announcing the prohibition of children’s shows that contain “any mention of violence, blood, vulgarity or pornography,” reported CNN

150-Year-Old Japanese Book Shows U.S. History as an Epic Mythology

A Japanese book from the 1800s features an alternate depiction of United States history in which historical American figures are capable of superhuman feats.

Written by Kanagaki Robun and illustrated by Utagawa Yoshitora near the end of The Edo Period in 1861, Osanaetoki Bankokubanashi (“Children’s Illustrated Tales from 10,000 Countries”) provides an interesting look at how Japan viewed the Western world at the time, reports SoraNews24.