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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Listen to Your Tiger Parent’s Career Advice

This is a message for all of the young people who grew up in an immigrant household: be true to yourself and do what you love, even if your parents disapprove of it right now.

Within our Asian American experience, a handful of things remain consistent, including the shifting cultures between generations. Often times, this leads to a cultural divide particularly evident between immigrants and their U.S.-born children. 

Go Tell Mom: Asians Working in the Music Industry is More Possible Than Ever

You know the drill: working in the arts, according to your hard-nosed Asian elders, is not a viable career path. You will not make money; you will suffer; you will die broke, wishing you listened to your parents. Right?

Perhaps not. I had the opportunity to interview three musicians of Asian descent. They’re not world-famous mega stars, not exactly rags-to-riches stories you study out of ambition. They’re pretty much just regular people who have, through good old fashioned hard work and unextraordinary patience, found themselves with lasting careers in the arts. They are able to feed themselves consistently through art.