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Vietnamese American volunteer in Ukraine army believed captured by Russian forces

missing vet
  • Vietnamese American Andy Huynh, who is serving as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army, was reportedly captured along with fellow volunteer soldier Alexander Drueke, 39, by Russian forces last week.
  • "I know it wasn't my problem, but there was that gut feeling that I felt I had to do something,” Huynh said in an earlier interview with his local newspaper The Decatur Daily. "Two weeks after the war began, it kept eating me up inside and it just felt wrong. I was losing sleep ... All I could think about was the situation in Ukraine."
  • Huynh decided to fly to Eastern Europe in April upon learning that young Ukrainians were being drafted into service.
  • Search efforts by a Ukrainian rescue team aided by drones failed to find any trace of the two.
  • “We found nothing,” a source told The Telegraph. “If they had been hit by the tank shell, there would have been remains of their bodies or equipment at the scene."

A Vietnamese American serving as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army was reportedly captured along with another volunteer soldier by Russian forces in Ukraine last week.  

Andy Huynh, 27, and Alexander Drueke, 39, both former U.S. servicemen from Alabama, were taken as prisoners during a firefight in the village of Izbytske outside the city of Kharkiv, soldiers who fought alongside them told The Telegraph.