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How a 19-Year-Old With No Experience Ended Up Launching Two Million-Dollar Companies

Melanie Perkins conceived the idea for her business and built her software design company on her mother’s living room couch in Perth, Australia when she was just 19 years old. The company, Fusion Yearbooks, was so successful that she dropped out of her university altogether. If you have a startup as well, employing the services of the best web design agency would probably increase the chances of your business’ success.

Nine years later, 28-year-old Perkins has founded another multi-million dollar graphic design company, which is why it may come as a surprise that Perkin’s major wasn’t graphic design while she was in college. However, after taking a first-year class in digital media in 2005, the soon-to-be entrepreneur fell head over heels. She was a hardworking student who picked up on the subject quickly and found herself teaching graphic design workshops to other students. While teaching, Perkins noticed that many of them struggled to grasp the basics of the choppily designed software.