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South Korean Teen is Brutally Beaten By Bullies After Police Ignore Her Case

A 14-year-old South Korean girl in Busan was brutalized by a mob of teens who almost killed her in the process because they apparently didn’t like her attitude and the way she talked.

Five teenaged assailants brutally attacked the middle schooler for over an hour on September 1 by beating her up with a chair, a metal pipe and burned her with cigarettes until she was unconscious.

Indonesian Woman Allegedly Attacked By South Korean Club Bouncer Because of Her Race

An Indonesian woman, whose face was badly injured after being beaten up by a South Korean bouncer in Busan, claimed she was attacked because of her nationality. 

South Korean authorities are now investigating the brawl, which happened around midnight last Friday at a local club. The incident, which left 21-year-old Jessica Setia’s face bruised and wounded, has sparked outrage after images of her bloodied face appeared on social media.