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Asian women in tech experience more workplace discrimination than their white peers, new study says

  • A new study that analyzed the experiences of women of color in the U.S. tech industry revealed that Asian and Asian American women reported “many of the worst experiences.” 
  • Participants of East and South Asian descent expressed feeling like they needed to do “extra work” in order to get the same level of recognition as their white peers and “to be seen as a good team player.”
  • Many of the Asian respondents said they feel discriminated against because of their accents and believe they are disproportionately assigned more administrative work.

Asian American women in the U.S. tech industry face more discrimination in the workplace than their white peers, according to a new study.

In the report “Pinning Down the Jellyfish: The Workplace Experiences of Women of Color in Tech,” researchers at the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California looked into the experiences of women of color in the tech industry.