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Why Body and Facial Hair are Undesirable Traits in South Korea

There’s an entire month out of the year where East Asian men are forced to confront their own Asianness.

It’s a month called November — that is, 30 days out of the year where men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair for a good cause. How they’re related, we don’t really know; there’s “No Shave November”, which encourages men to grow hair for American Cancer Society. Then there’s “Movember”, an organization started in Australia, which promotes prostate cancer awareness.

Filipina Woman Wins Twitter for Slamming the Philippines’ Obsession With White Skin

A Filipina Twitter user by the handle @judygarci is getting thousands of nods for her vicious take on the Philippines’ obsession with white skin.

It all started when she looked up “Filipina beauty” on Pinterest and found countless images of celebrities with what she described as “Eurocentric features”, as if said features solely defined beauty in the Philippines. With this, @judygarci began a Twitter thread on why this is problematic (with a disclaimer that she is no way saying that Filipinos with mixed ancestries are not “Filipino enough”, ugly or untalented).