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Female Backpacker Severely Injured After Falling from the Great Wall of China

great wall of china

A female backpacker was seriously injured after falling more than 10 meters (32.8 feet) from an unrestored part of the Great Wall of China into a dense forest below in the outskirts of Beijing.

The unnamed woman reportedly missed a step while climbing the unrestored part of the Great Wall of China, often referred to as the “wild” section in Huairou district, Beijing on Sunday, according to Shanghaiist.

Begpacker Attracts Crowds of Thai Women By Selling Photos of Himself For Money

A man, reportedly from Ukraine, became a viral sensation after a video of him selling photos of himself to fund a flight back home was uploaded on Facebook.

The video of the “cute” begpacker was taken at Hat Yai’s Greenway Market on Wednesday night by Facebook user TaiiwaN’ Yanawimuti, who urged people to share it and help get the man back to his home country.

Meet the Adorable Little Girl Who’s China’s Youngest Backpacker

At just five years old, Wenwen has been to places many other backpackers have never been. The little girl’s parents believe that their daughter could learn more from experiences rather than school.

South China Morning Post reported a story of a backpacker family of four who has traveled to the Himalayan mountain range and to the forests of Southern Asia. Tagging along with them are their kids, an eight-year-old son and their internet famous daughter, Wenwen.