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Chinese Woman Makes Over $3,000 Per Shipment of Baby Formula From Australia to China

Song Chen, a 40-year-old Chinese woman living in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, makes about 21,000 yuan ($3,173) per shipment of expensive baby formula to China.

Chen first moved to Newcastle around three years ago, and soon jumped on the craze in which professional shoppers, known as “Daigous,” buy expensive baby formula in Australia and send it out to China, where there is a massive demand for the product, according to Daily Mail.

Asians Storm Supermarket in Australia for Cheap Baby Formula to Resell to China

Shoppers who have been buying baby formula cans in bulk at supermarkets in Australia with the intention of selling them online to China for a profit were recently captured on video, generating some backlash online.

A shopper named Hannah Dixon filmed the moment in a Coles store in Melbourne on Wednesday around noon when about 20 shoppers were lining up to pick up some baby formula.