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Coffee shop owner in Taiwan hangs banner warning customers over 18 not to call her ‘auntie’

  • A coffee shop owner in Taoyuan, Taiwan, hung a banner in front of her shop asking customers above the age of 18 to stop addressing her as “auntie.”
  • One customer shared on social media that when he addressed the owner as “auntie,” she ignored his order.
  • The banner, which includes a photo of the owner, states that customers must not address her as “auntie” in order to maintain quality food.

Fed up with customers calling her “auntie,” a coffee shop owner in Taiwan hung a banner in front of her shop stating that customers over 18 are not allowed to address her as “auntie.”

Located in Taoyuan City of northwestern Taiwan, a customer who visited the coffee shop shared the peculiar rule on the Baofei Commune Facebook forum. While ordering smoked chicken with onion and a glass of cold milk, the user, Chen Fuyun, said he addressed the owner as “auntie.” She ignored his order, and a fellow customer pointed towards the banner outside the shop. After correcting his mistake, the owner stated that the sign was made for customers like Chen.