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Kim Kardashian accused of ‘Asianfishing’ on Instagram

  • Several Reddit users in the r/KUWTK subreddit accused Kim Kardashian, 41, of “Asianfishing” in her Instagram post on Tuesday, where she promoted Tiffany and Co.’s latest Lock collection.
  • “She looks Asian here, it’s really strange,” one comment read, while another user wrote in their reply, “She's trying to give herself a less long oval face from what it looks like. It's dumb because we all know what she really looks like so what's the point?”
  • Another user pointed out similarities between Kardashian’s latest picture to those of her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, for the latter’s vitamin and supplement brand, Lemme.
  • “Hmm, looks like [she] used the same face filter/procedure as Kourtney’s ‘Lemme’ candy-in-the-bath shoot. They both look Asian. Also, yawn. This era Kim is so boring,” the user wrote.

American socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian is being accused of “Asianfishing” in one of her latest Instagram post.

Several Reddit users in the r/KUWTK subreddit accused the 41-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star of donning make-up that makes her look Asian in her Instagram post on Tuesday promoting Tiffany and Co.’s latest Lock collection.

Ariana Grande accused of ‘Asianfishing’ in new photos, praised by Oli London for looking ‘cute and oriental’

Ariana Grande was accused of “Asianfishing” after photos of her surfaced on the internet in which she appeared to have different facial features. 

The photos were posted by New York-based photographer Katia Temkin on Instagram and were widely circulated on Twitter. In them, Grande poses in a green oversized blazer with a white ascot tied in a bow around her neck, an outfit she wore on “The Voice.”