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Boxer Amir Khan says ‘appalling diets’ and excuses hold Asian athletes back: ‘We don’t have it in us’

Amir Khan farewell conference comment
  • Former British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, 35, claimed that Asians “can’t make it in boxing” because of excuses and their diets.
  • Khan rose to fame after winning silver in the lightweight division at the 2004 Athens Olympics when he was a 17-year-old amateur boxer. He went professional a year later and has 40 matches under his belt.
  • During his farewell press conference on Monday, the former athlete declared that there are “no Asian footballers” since aspiring Asian athletes supposedly think, “We won’t get picked because we’re Asian.”
  • He went on to proclaim that Asians “are not really meant to be fighters” and are “not supposed to be good sportsmen and women.”
  • “Our diet is appalling,” he claimed. “It’s curries. It’s not the right diet to be a champion. If you put us against a lot of English fighters their diet is a lot better. They’re stronger than us.”

Former British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan claimed that Asians “can’t make it in boxing” because of excuses and their diets.

Khan, 35, held a farewell press conference on Monday, three days after announcing his retirement on Twitter. During the event, the former athlete commented on how several Asian boxers have turned to him as a source of inspiration after he became a trailblazer for South Asian boxers in Britain. 

Chloe Kim among at least 4 Asian American athletes to compete at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Beijing Olympics US Applicants

At least four Asian Americans have reportedly qualified to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in February, and three of them are representing Team USA, including Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim.

The athletes: Team USA recently released some of the names of the athletes who have qualified for next year’s winter games, including short track speed skaters Eunice Lee and Andrew Heo and snowboarder Chloe Kim, NBC Sports reported.