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Hong Kong Protesters Apologize to Travelers for Flight Suspensions

A number of Hong Kong protesters have apologized to travelers for holding demonstrations at the Hong Kong International Airport, which ultimately led to the suspension of all departure flights for two consecutive days earlier this week.

Activists occupied the terminal building of the airport on Monday and Tuesday, blocking outbound passengers from advancing to security and immigration checkpoints.

Hong Kong Police Are Reportedly Tear-Gassing Children and Pets

Commonly known as tear gas, the lachrymatory agent is a type of chemical weapon prohibited by various international treaties for use in warfare due to its harmful effects, such as severe eye and respiratory pain, skin irritation, bleeding and even blindness.

Despite its damaging effects, however, tear gas somehow became an accepted tool against the civilian population for “riot control.” As the term “riot” can be loosely interpreted by any establishment to mean any form of civilian assembly, tear gas has been actively used to quell civilian protests and demonstrations worldwide.  

South Korean, Filipino Among First Arrested in Recent Hong Kong Protests

A South Korean restaurant worker and a Filipino Disneyland employee, were among those arrested in Hong Kong recently, in what could be the first cases of foreigners being detained in relation to the ongoing mass protests. 

Hong Kong police apprehended the two foreigners during a clearing operation of extradition bill protesters in Mong Kok on Saturday night. They were among 24 men and five women arrested for unlawful assembly, South China Morning Post reports.

‘Stupid Pig!’: Student Reportedly Assaulted at University of Auckland for Not ‘Respecting China’

A female student from Hong Kong was shoved to the ground while trying to break up a fight between other students who had been arguing over “respecting China” in relation to the city’s now-“dead” extradition bill.

The fight, which was caught on video, took place in a food court at the University of Auckland in New Zealand on Monday.

Hong Kong Politicians Suggest Giving $1,000 Cash to Each Citizen to Make Them ‘Feel Happier’

Amid the growing social tensions in Hong Kong, a pro-Beijing political party has suggested offering cash handouts to residents, claiming that this would “certainly help people feel happier.”

Quickly pointing out that the plan had nothing to do with the upcoming elections, New People’s Party chair Regina Ip floated the idea of giving 8,000 Hong Kong Dollars ($1,000) to residents during a press conference on Tuesday. This is coming at a time where the city is plagued with protests over the contentious proposed Chinese extradition bill and recent violent attacks by alleged pro-Beijing “triads.”